Rent a car or private airport transfer?

Would you like to rent a car in Madeira?


We have a few not entirely unselfish tips for you here on how you can make car rental a relaxed experience...


Rental car from the airport

  • It is of course convenient to take the rental car from the airport, especially if you already know Madeira. However, you should bear in mind that you can expect a queue of 1-2 hours and often the fully comprehensive insurance is not included in the price (even if this is stated in your online booking) and that luggage cannot be carried in the luggage compartment if there are more than 2 people fits small rental car...
  • Save yourself the stress of queuing for your rental car and book your personal arrival transfer to your destination. You certainly won't need the car on the first day and can conveniently pick it up on site (hotel or agency nearby).
  • Here we definitely recommend our door-to-door transfer service without waiting times, rental car collection and suitcase lifting!


If you don't know Madeira yet, it is definitely more convenient and cheaper (!) to use our transfer service.

So you don't have to deal with the navigation system of the rental car and the destination and parking space search on the first day.


Rental car from your hotel
We recommend that you book your rental car in advance from your hotel.

The vehicle will be brought to the hotel and you can sit relaxed in the hotel lobby to fill out the paperwork.

This saves you time and the rent for the day of your arrival and any parking fees in the hotel or in public places for the first night.


Have we convinced you to book a comfortable and cheap airport transfer with us? Then simply click here:


Rental cars are no longer "cheap" and parking spaces are very scarce and expensive!

Even the many small destinations on the island are now literally parked up and wrong parking is now subject to more penalties that will follow you home...!

We can bring you from door to door and you don't have to look for a parking space.


Don't you think so?

Then of course we also have some links for car rental companies in Madeira:






Goldcar Rhodium







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