Machico and Caniçal


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Who says Madeira has no beaches?


Have a look at these secret places...

Machico offers 2 beaches; the artificial sandy beach, which is save for non swimmers and children and the natural beach with pebbles and dark lava sand on the bottom. Take a swim or surf over the waves...

In Caniçal you will find the natural dark lava-sandy beach with support of a restaurant and showers.




Bathing at 2 beaches:

The artificial sandy beach makes it easy to enter the calm water.

The natural beach shows its beauty especially at low tide, then you will see the dark lava sand which is on the ground of the whole bay!

At this beach the waves can be high enough to take a surf...

Machico & Prainha, Caniçal

  • Bathing the whole day at different places
  • right through the nature in the East
  • Restaurants and Cafés are along the way
  • Visit of the view points


Half day (4 hours)

Price 1-3 people € 100,-

4-5 people € 120,-

6-8 people € 130,-

Full day tour  (8 hours)

Price from € 160,- to € 200,- full day


Caniçal view from airplane
Walking on São Lourenço cape

Ponta de São Lourenço


Price from EUR 160,- per day for 1-3 people;

EUR 180,- 4 to 6 people and EUR 200,- for 7 and 8 people

(minibus incl. driver).


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